Purpose of the Educational Fund: 

Provides monetary support to:

    a.    members interested in furthering educational opportunities to perpetuate and/or disseminate the culture of Okinawa. (e.g.: Okinawan language, Japanese, research, dance, karate, weaving, pottery, sanshin, etc.).
    b.    members in financial need pursuing a degree, diploma, or certification from a recognized institution

Selection Procedures:  The Okinawa Kai Selection Committee will meet twice to review applications and to approve awards, in May and November.  Application deadlines are April 30 and September 30, respectively.  The total amount of educational funds awarded may not exceed the financial limits established by the Okinawa Kai of Washington, D.C. Executive Committee.  Future application and award procedures are subject to change. Notification of any such changes will be provided to the membership via the Deigo Shinpo newsletter and/or other means.

Education & Cultural Award applications should be emailed to: EdApplication@okinawakai.org.

Education Fund Application Instructions (English)
Education Fund Application Instructions (Japanese)
Education Fund Application (MS Word format)
Cultural Award Application